#4 Main Bearing
The #4 main bearing assembly is engineered to absorb the tremendous forces imposed by the propeller. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Auto Spark Plug Conversion Assembly
The auto spark plug conversion assembly allows the installation of modern, inexpensive, readily available spark plugs instead of the expensive aviation plugs.

The camshaft used in Revmaster engines is cast from special alloy and custom ground for aviation use.

CDI Ignition
The self-energized dual CDI ignition package incorporates the dual plug capacitor discharge ignition, a 30 amp alternator, starter, flywheel and accessory housing.

Conical Bushing
The Revmaster accessory housing requires conical shock mount bushings.

Con Rods
Connecting rods are manufactured by Revmaster, forged of 4340 alloy steel with 9mm bolts.

The magnesium crankcase is machined to accept all the related components that comprise the Revmaster R-2200 aircraft engine.

The Revmaster R-2200 crankshaft is forged of E4340 alloy steel and counterweighted.

Crankshaft Flange
The crankshaft flange is 4340 forging, machined to aeronautical standard 127-A (SAE #1) and is precision ground.

Cylinder Heads
The cylinder heads are heavy-duty, thick wall castings designed for large-displacement engines.

Engine Mount
Revmaster has designed and manufactured many engine mounts for various airframes.

Exhaust System
Revmaster has exhaust systems for KR-2 and Q-2 as well as other popular airframes, manufactured of mild steel or stainless steel.

High Volume Oil Pump
Revmaster high volume oil pumps for VW engines will interface with VW Type 1 engine cases and camshaft configurations.

Lubrication System
The high-volume oil pump with oil bypass filter cover, coupled with a high-efficiency oil cooler, comprise the R-2200D lubrication system.

Mag Mount Housing
Since 1968, the original Revmaster accessory housing for magneto ignition engines has been cast of 356 aluminum.

Prop Extension
Revmaster propeller extensions are machined from 356 T6 aluminum. The bolt circle is SAE #1.

R-2200 Complete Engine
Available in 75HP or 80HP turbocharged models.

RevFlow Carburetor
The RevFlow floatless carburetor incorporates guillotine slide throttle and mixture control, available from 28mm through 40mm.

Vacuum Pump Assembly
Revmaster engines can be equipped with a belt-driven vacuum pump assembly which facilitates the use of various air-operated instruments.