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These REV049 proprietary cylinder heads are heavy-duty, thick-wall casting designed for large displacement engines, with 40mm intake valves and 35.5mm exhaust valves, and machined for dual plug ignition application. Pair REV049 cylinder heads, complete with stainless steel valves, springs and retainers  (Call for Price) To order: Please call 760-244-3074, or CLICK HERE to download our […]


Cylinders are centrifugally cast chilled iron. The pistons are forged out of high quality aluminum alloy, machined and balanced in a set of four. There are two sizes of pistons, 92mm and 94mm, that are designed to be compatible with a 78mm to 82mm stroke crankshafts. The cylinder set also contains piston rings, wrist pins, […]


The intake manifold set consists of three major parts;  the upper right, upper left, and lower center.  The Rev Flow Injector Carburetor is hose mounted on the lower center section of the intake manifold. The existing manifolds are manufactured from mild steel tubing and were designed for the dual port cylinder heads. Intake manifold set  […]


The self-energized dual CDI ignition package incorporates the dual-plug capacitor discharge ignition, a 30 amp alternator, starter, flywheel, and accessory housing. No external electrical source (such as a battery) is required. Not presently available for retrofit, only for new engine orders. Please call 760-244-3074, or CLICK HERE to download our printable order form (Adobe PDF).


The high-volume oil pump bypass filter cover, coupled with a high-efficiency oil cooler, comprise the R-2300 lubrication system. The oil pump cover also allows for an engine-driven fuel pump option. Oil pump cover includes an oil relief system.  Several types and sizes oil filters available from automotive market. FP/OP assy outright  $(Call for Price) Oil […]


The camshaft with bolt-on gear used in Revmaster engines is cast from special alloy and custom ground for aviation use.  The turbo engine option includes a special  grind camshaft.  The normally aspirated engine version is .390″  lift, 274 duration. Camshaft w/gear    $(Call for Price) Set (8) cam followers   $(Call for Price) To order: Please call […]


The crankshaft flange is 4340 forging, machined to aeronautical standard 127-A (SAE #1) and is precision ground. The bearing surface is nitrited and external flange area is cadmium plated. The overall length allows for the propeller disc to be positioned well forward of the engine. Crankshaft flange  $(Call for Price) Click here for a detailed […]


Connecting rods are manufactured by Revmaster, forged of 4340 alloy steel with 9mm bolts. The bolt and cap design allows for ample clearance of the rotating parts due to the increased stroke of the crankshaft.   137mm cente-to-center  rods are available for the R-2100 and R-2200 series engines.   The R-2300 uses 142mm center-to-center  and the  big end […]


The Revmaster R-2200 78mm  crankshaft is forged of E4340 alloy steel and counter-weighted. It is designed specifically for aircraft use only.  The R-2300  crankshaft is 84mm stroke  with 60mm center main journal.  This crank-shaft and flange con-figuration consists of four main bearings and is not restricted to only wood props.  The standard VW automotive crankshaft […]


The magnesium crankcase is machined to accept all the related components that comprise the Revmaster R-2300 aircraft engine.  Replace- ment crankcases are available for the R-2100 and R-2200 model engines. Engine crankcase  completely machined,     $(Call for Price) To order: Please call 760-244-3074, or CLICK HERE to download our printable order form (Adobe PDF).