Revmaster Featured in CONTACT! Magazine

CONTACT! Magazine Special Revmaster Issue

CONTACT! Magazine recently compiled a special issue jammed packed with nothing but Revmaster related material. The highlight of this issue is the in-depth article on the R-2300 written by aviation writer Patrick Panzera. We opened our doors to him and showed him the step-by-step process by which we build our engines.

Patrick asked tough questions and we answered them and allowed him to take photos during the process.  This is by far the most exhaustive article on Revmaster products ever published, and this issue contains a similar article on the Revmaster R-3000.

Clicking the above image will open an electronic version of this entire issue that also has information on our Revflow floatless carburetor, a little history on Joe Horvath, and a reprint of an older article about Jack Lambie’s trip from Southern California to Paraguay in a Revmaster-powered motorglider.

We hope you enjoy this complimentary electronic issue, but of you’d rather have a hard copy version, please give us a call.

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